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Shaura Island

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Coral Bloom

Shaura is the hub island of The Red Sea Project on the west coast of Saudi Arabia. With a natural dolphin shape, the island is one of 92 in our archipelago, which is home to the world's fourth largest barrier reef system, untouched corals and a significant number of endangered species.

We appointed renowned British architects Foster + Partners to design all 11 unique resorts on Shaura. Referred to as "Coral Bloom", the designs were launched by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince, Chairman of The Red Sea Development Company. The resorts are sure to give future guests a barefoot luxury experience like no other place on earth.

Gerard Evenden, Head of Studio at Foster + Partners, elaborates on the inspiration behind their designs.

“Shaura has incredible fauna and flora and a special relationship to its coral reefs. This is a place where you can swim off these islands and be straight into a reef. Very unusual. So, for us the first initial reaction was we want to protect the edges… What we wanted to do was to look at ways of bringing light weight structures and placing those lightweight structures on an island.

“Just as islands have driftwood arrive and wash up onto the shore, our idea was that these hotels would wash up onto the island and then they could eventually wash away again if that was desired later.

“It is dealt with as a single entity with 11 hotels on it. But what we wanted to do was to try to pitch the hotels so that the hotels appeal to different people at different times of their lives. You come to the island on your honeymoon and you see the island and you experience a hotel on the island. But you come back again when you have young children and you experience it in a different way. And so on through life. Through to old age.”

Shaura Designs

Dolphin-shaped Shaura Island is our hub and will contain 11 world-class hotels.

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