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Killa Design

We appointed Dubai-based Killa Design, one of the region’s leading architectural design firms, to design overwater and inland villas on Sheybarah Island.

Their designs of the overwater villas are inspired by the natural surroundings, particularly the corals in their purest form, which make up the circle effect. The circle represents unity, integration and wholeness, giving guests a sense of completion, confidence and harmony. These coral-inspired villas emerging from the surface of the water will be made of a polished steel that will reflect the water, the sky and the best part of the project – the reef below.

The inland villas are inspired by sand dunes. Each villa will be set apart to give guests a sense of privacy.

Sheybarah Island is the furthest from the mainland, located in the south east of our archipelago in the Red Sea. It features a 30 to 40-meter reef drop-off in very close proximity from the beach. So in terms of the ultimate diving spot, this island is likely to attract a lot of attention.

Sheybarah Designs

Sheybarah Island will feature signature overwater assets designed by Killa Architectural Design.

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