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The Future Faces ofTourism


The Future Faces of Tourism

Exploring attitudes and perceptions towards Saudi Arabia’s emerging hospitality and tourism sectors

We have released a new study that looks into the perceptions of Saudi youth and their parents towards the tourism and hospitality industries.

As Saudi Arabia prepares to open itself up to receive international tourists, the report - named ‘Future Faces of Tourism’ – delves into the perceptions young Saudis have towards employment in the new diversified economy and their preparedness for jobs of the future.

The Red Sea Development Company commissioned this research to gain:

  • A better understanding of our prospective employees in terms of their attitudes towards and understanding of careers in the hospitality and tourism industries, skill sets and desired training and development requirements.
  • Insight into perceptions of our company and project, and its alignment to key themes, including sustainability and innovation.

The Future Faces of Tourism Report

Check out the report in detail with interesting facts, key findings and case studies from the below link.
Download Full Report

Tourism is a strategic growth industry for Saudi Arabia and a significant contributor to helping realize its wider Vision 2030 plan. It is a creator of jobs, a driver of economic growth and an essential bridge between cultures that fosters a greater understanding and appreciation of this unique and intriguing nation.

John Pagano

Chief Executive Officer

The Red Sea Development Company


The Future Faces of Tourism research project was conducted by international research firm PSB to understand attitudes towards hospitality and tourism careers. The survey is the first of its kind to be conducted in Saudi Arabia and covers five locations in the country (Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Qassim and Madinah).

PSB conducted 855 face-to-face interviews between February 5th, 2020 and March 17th, 2020 with two audience groups:

  • Prospective employees – Defined as being aged 16-34, either in education, working or actively looking for employment
  • Parent influencers – Defined as those with children aged 14-24

Significant Results

We are proud to be a diverse and inclusive organisation and understand that to achieve our ambitions we need people who embody those values throughout the destination. By the time the Project is completed in 2030, we anticipate that the destination will support 35,000 direct jobs and another 35,000 indirect and induced jobs, representing a significant contribution to employment nationally.

Ahmad Darwish

Chief of Staff

The Red Sea Development Company

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